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Project Proposal Form

If you have a relevant idea for a web development project for CS371 course, then fill in the following Project Proposal Google Form.

Evaluation Criteria of Project Proposals

Here are the the guidelines for the evaluation of the project proposed by the students. Read carefully.

  • A project should be done by a team of at most three members. Four students or more are not accepted. Google Form does not accept more than 3
  • Every team should have a team leader. Communication with the instructor should be done through the team leader.

The Process

The process is as follows:

  • The team should fill in the form providing their intention to propose their own project
  • The instructor will review the project proposal and will either make initial approval if project idea is appropriate or reject if project idea is not appropriate.
  • If the project proposal is initially approved, the team must prepare a software requirement specification (SRS) document providing explicit details about the project. The SRS will be again reviewed by the instructor, and will be approved if it responds to the requirement of the course project, or the team will be requested modification until it becomes compliant to the requirement of the course project.
  • Once approved, the students can start working on the project until the specified deadline.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A project is considered approved only if an email is sent by the instructor. Oral approval is not counted.

The Evaluation

The evaluation of the project proposal and SRS document for approving the project are as follow:

  • The project must solve a real-world problem, not a dummy idea.
  • The project must present a relevant idea and interesting objectives related to web development. Interesting ideas of hot topics like Internet of Things, Social Networks, Multimedia Service. It is also acceptable to develop website for E-Commerce, online shopping, and typical web applications. Also, we appreciate projects that will provide an new service for the CCIS college. You can coordinate with the instructor in this matter. Generally, any topic of interest for Web development would be accepted.
  • The SRS must clearly specify the requirements of the project as learned on Software Engineering courses
  • The SRS must clearly specify how the different web technology that you will learn during the course will be applied (HTML, CSS, JS, Boostrap, PHP, Database, JQuery, Ajax, Angular JS, ...). The use of other advanced Web technologies and libraries will be considered a plus and will be rewarded. Basic website without dynamic front-end and back-end scripting will not be accepted. The use of a database is required.
  • The SRS should provide some description about the team work and how tasks will be assigned and coordinated among members.
  • The project must have a Github account. All the team must work in collaboration using Github. You must create a project on Github to follow-up the team work. It will make of the final evaluation of the project.

Team Work

  • The project must be worked as a team.
  • Evaluation of students in a team will be independent. Not all students in the same team may take the same grade is the effort is noticeably different.
  • Team work will be monitored through Github activities
  • It is recommended to use an IDE integrated with Github. Eclipse for PHP is an excellent choice.

Project Specification