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Slides might be modified by the instructor without prior notification.

Week Lecture Topic Reading & Assignments
Part I. Front-End Development
  • Introduction to Full-Stack Web Development slides
  • Web Applications and Protocols slides
Listen to the video on Full Stack Web Development: The Big Picture

Lab and Quizzes

2-3 HTML5 (Bascis, Multimedia, Graphics, Forms, Animations, APIs, Canvas) part01 part02 HTML, CSS and JavaScript (Week 1)

HTML5 Short Video Tutorials on YouTube

Labs and Quizzes

4-5 Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) part01 part02 Labs and Quizzes
Part II. Back-End Development - Server-Side Scripting
6-7 PHP
8 Database Web Integration (SQL, NoSQL Databases)
Part III. Client-Side Scripting
9-11 JavaScript * w3resource JS exercises
11-12 XML and Ajax
13 HTML5 WebSockets
14 REST Web Services (if time)